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Color! The richness and variety of the orange in the kettle, fabric and flowers are complimented by the blue green of the foliage. To my eye this is irresistible!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Organic Strawberries

I saw these berries at the market the other morning, and thought,  "yum,  let's see, maybe strawberries and shortbread with whipped cream....." But of course I had to paint them first
7" x 10"   $150.


witiger said...

Delicious looking! (I got the email and here I am commenting!!) Your technique is the envy of all!

witiger said...

Oops..I just commented...but it still says 0 comments.

Again... delicious-looking!

Kathryn said...

Yet again, another wonderful painting!

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